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Study Says Exercising Before Breakfast Burns More Fat

Study Says Exercising Before Breakfast Burns More Fat Should you eat before or after exercise in the morning? The debate has raged for years. The eat-first camp says food before exercise boosts blood sugars, giving the body fuel to increase the intensity and length…

February 12, 2020

Why Men Like Big Butts – New Study Explains

Big Butts are definitely in-thing, and now science might actually have an answer to why most guys can’t help but drop their jaws when an incredibly shaped rear end comes bouncing on by. Men’s love of women with big backsides is quite a hot…

August 24, 2016

Study Reveals The Secret To Multiple Orgasms

A new study has revealed the ever elusive secret to multiple orgasms many people have been looking for over the years.   Helping us on our path of discovery (the discovery of more sexual joy) is a new study from OMGYES – the people…

February 16, 2016