T.I. Doesn’t Want To Divorce Tiny

T.I. reportedly wants to end divorce proceedings with Tiny.

After 6 years of marriage, Tiny is sick of T.I. However, TMZ reports that sources close to T.I. say the rapper doesn’t want to end his relationship with her. At this point though, it seems like an uphill battle.

Tiny has already filed for divorce. Nevertheless, TIP is still trying to reason with his wife and salvage his marriage. They’ve even been romantically involved during the holidays. He argues that Tiny was “pushed by jealous friends” into ending their 15-year relationship.

Yet, there might be more trouble brewing. In November, footage of Tiny getting snugly with her husband’s long-time nemesis Floyd Mayweather, Jr. at a Halloween party surfaced to TIP’s great dismay. The episode sparked some heated exchanges between the boxing champion and the “Whatever You Like” rapper on social media, each trying to out-clown the other.

Stay tuned, this could get ugly.

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