Special Tips On Improving Your Kissing Ability To The Fullest


There are perhaps a few things more magical than a perfectly executed kiss. Conversely, there are perhaps few things less appealing than a slobbery, sticky, choppy kiss. While mastering the make out takes a lot of practice with the right person, there are several approaches you can take to becoming a better kisser. Follow the suggestions below to learn about the basic techniques associated with an awesome smooch and find out how you can step up your kissing game.

• Keep your eyes closed while kissing. Open eyes can be creepy.

•Try not to over-think it, just go with the flow.

•Focus on the moment. Don’t let your thoughts wander as you kiss.

•Don’t put on lipstick right before you kiss a man. Men generally don’t like lipstick smeared all over their face.

•Apply good tasting lip balm before kissing.

•Don’t think about it to much otherwise it will ruin the moment.


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