See The 9 Types Of Nigerian Boyfriends (A Must Read For All Ladies)

Below are the 9 Types of Nigerian boyfriends we have. Let’s be interractive, Drop your views and commends below.

1. Bachelor Boyfriend:- He enjoys doing things on his own, his girlfriends opinion is irrelevant, he’s not serious about the relationship, anything can happen.

2. Acidic Boyfriend:- He’s always angry and boiling like acid, moody,dominating and dangerous when angry, fights in public.

3. Slave Boyfriend:- Washes girlfriend’s pants, A$$ licks alot, he behaves like a sissy in the relationship. Doesn’t have a say at all, his babe controls him!

4. General Boyfriend:- Boyfriend for all, he belongs to everybody and nobody,has lots of female friends, spends lavishly,likes dishing money around,he tells you no strings attached.

5. Dry Boyfriend:- Very stingy, doesn’t consider girlfriends emotions and well being,makes the relationship boring,an extreme introvert, has no sense of humour, forbids hanging out, doesn’t like babe going out with friends.Would rather just stay indoors and have dry s*x.

6. Panadol Boyfriend:- Lazy and only loves girlfriend for the sake of money, uses babes money to ball and hangout, he’s not creative, his ATM card doesn’t always work lies lies lies, he’s very dependent, always borrows from babe and never pays back.

7. Baby Boyfriend:- Irresponsible and childish and can’t make decisions on his own (mummys boy. compares girlfriend to sisters and always runs to them if something happens.

8. Cool Visiting Boyfriend:- Comes at odd hours usually late in the night, comes once in a blue moon usually to have s*x and disappear.

9. Caring Boyfriend:- Caring and loving, provides material and emotional needs and creates time for his girlfriend, very responsible and treats girlfriend with respect. I know most guys would lie they belong in this category undecided.

Dear guys which type of boyfriend are you? Be Sincere!!!

Babes!! Which of the above listed type is your man? Tell us the type you’v dated before and the one you’re dating at the moment.

Drop your Comments.

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