#SaveMayowa Saga: Family Releases New Statement Disclaiming Scam Reports

Save Mayowa

Mayowa Ahmed’s family have spoken out after news emerged that her plea for help from Nigerians was a scam.

Nigerians were recently jolted to the news that the plea to save a certain Mayowa Ahmed suffering from ovarian cancer was a scam.
It would be recalled that Nigerians had come together to donate massively to help the lady.
Following the emergence of the scam news, Mayowa’s family have now released a statement insisting it’s no scam and that they are truly taking her abroad for medical treatment.
In their new statement this afternoon, they said they are taking her to a hospital in Abu Dhabi but when they started raising money for her, they said they decided to take her to Emory hospital, Atlanta, which had given them a quote of $100k.
Below is the statement:
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