EVENT: Celebrity “ALL WHITE PARTY” Hosts Frank Obama Music @frankobamamusic

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Celebrity all white party is around the corner.  “Ladies and gentlemen. The most celebrity “WHITE PARTY” for all the music lovers out there. Lots of artists and a surprise guest artist follow up below;.

Comedians: Omo Talk (Wazobia 94.1Fm) Baba Funky, Danny Spry, 9jaMuMu.
Celebrity Dj Strive, Djskillful (Raypower 106.5 fm), Dj Savadon, Dj Skylo, Dj Exxy (Cool Fm 95.1), Dj Surge, Dj Ice, Dj Effizy Blings.

Artists Perform: Dj Lekture, J-2ice, Inspire, Mi2, J.Twice, Spledid, Maurice Tha Ibz, Dj Gadafi, Tucool, Crazy K, Double Jay, Batty Boy, Lamili, Ganjamili, T-Touch, Erigga, Obidiz.

Venue: Conciliate Home And Lounge Former D2D Lounge, 30/32 Elelenwo, GRA Port Harcourt
Date: Sunday, 27th March, 2016, Time: 5pm – Down

When it comes to Party Frank Obama doesn’t back down. He is the kind who likes partying like crazy and all the parties he throws or organizes are all on point. Talking about parties and partying, he has a much hyped and well organized. This is a celebrity white party inviting you friends, basically put on All White cloths which is also the required dress code.




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