Danceville Set To Host Dance Worka Seminar 2.0

Dance Worka Seminar.jpeg
Danceville To Host Dance Worka Seminar 2.0.jpeg

Join dance professionals for the second edition of ‘Dance Worka Seminar’ this Saturday, February 1, 2020 at Danceville studio, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo.

This is a build up to their grand event scheduled for Valentine’s Day, where various dance crews under Danceville will thrill expected audience at the ‘Love, Dance, Poetry’ show billed for Duellaz Event Center, B Line – Ewet Housing Estate.

The Guvnor of foremost dance studio in Akwa Ibom State, Danceville, Mrs Edima Imara will throw her doors open to dancers and entertainment stakeholders to discuss the opportunities available in dance and how best to harness it.

In its 3rd edition, through the seminar and other commendable events, Mrs Edima has shown that the business of dance should not be left for dancers only. Just like music and movies, there are alot of hands not seen behind the scene of the dance and dancer you see.

Expected in attendance at the seminar are dancers, dance instructors, dance agents and entertainment journalists. Participants will be taken round the world the of the creative industry and their involvement in the circle as a dancer. All efforts geared towards the establishment of a workable system for the growth of dance and to increase the quality and patronage of dancers.

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