Comedian Kelvinsapp Calls Out Nigeria Reliable Icon Award’s Event Organizer

August 8, 2018

Apparently the pained comedian was priced down and that’s wrong putting a price to person’s career. after an agreement was made, the organizers failed to meet up, of which the comedian requested the organizers send their account details so he would make a refund.

In anger, Kelvinsapp made payment to the wrong account, still in that same anger, not considering he has sent 50k to the wrong account, he went on to send another 50k to right account.

The comedian later sent out a public notice regarding the disagreement. See excerpt below.

“I really wished I could support everyone but from the incident of today, it will be hard for me now . I charged the organizer of this event an amount below my normal rate. He paid 50k to me and I told him it wouldn’t cover even my ticket, words got heated and I asked him to send me his account so I can refund him to avoid trouble, I mistakenly transferred the money to another beneficiary, and sent him the transaction details,he raised the alarm that it wasn’t his account, I called my gtb connect center they promised to ratify but this guy turn am to another thing, asked his followers to come comment on my post of disclaiming to attend the event and they came to say I stole from him. My people na help I be wan help wen nearly put me for wahala.
Anyway ave transferred him his money. Those saying am a scam and I stole from him, kindly see the transaction details. Kelvinsapp is a brand of integrity and will not be associated with malicious conduct.”
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