Best Mobile Apps for Nigerian Students


Best Mobile Apps for Nigerian Students

The use of smart mobile devices today has become ubiquitous amongst students, am sure you are even viewing this article on your smartphone. However, most students just use their device for entertainment and social purposes. This is why I have highlighted 10 useful apps that students shouldn’t live without on a daily basis.

  • Evernote: This clean app makes it easy to take notes, make to-do-list, set reminders attach files and can be accessed through any internet enabled device. So easy to use you won’t want to go a day without evernote being part of it. Now the excuse of” I forgot I had an assignment to do” is obsolete.
    • OfficeMobile: This app is a great substitute for your laptop when you have to work with documents. The office mobile lets you access, create, edit and share your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents straight from your android device easily. So you can type out that assignment while also chatting with bae


    PS: Typing an assignment and chatting with bae or boo is at your own risk…am sure you wouldn’t want to mistakenly tell your lecturer “I would love to ….. all day”..
    Download : Android


    • Fast Scanner: This app might not have a stylish interface but it gets the job done for you. Fast scanner uses the camera on your mobile phone to scan documents and export them into PDFs so that you can mail or print. All ye photocopiers and dubbers association…a solution for y’all.
      Download : Android


    • My study life: This free app is basically a personal planner that helps you to keep track of your tasks, manage your classes and timetables and exams in the cloud…not the sky cloud oo, just a database on the internet in a data center you and I don’t know…. It provides notifications to keep you on track and up to date on your classes and exams. The color code feature for classes easily allows you to read the calendar.
      Download : Android


  • Oxford Dictionary: This would basically not just give you the meaning to words but also help you understand English language better. Just enter the needed word into the app and get its detailed definition, its British and American variants and also audio pronunciation. This is how to catch all those babes forming British English and those lecturers that just keep making you feel stupid with big grammer..
    Download : Android


  • Adobe reader: This is a must for reading PDF documents. It is very user friendly and works just like the PC version.
    Download : Android


  • Dropbox: This platform is a must for every student. With dropbox you won’t be afraid of losing you notes or coursework anymore. You get to upload different files (documents, photos, videos) in the cloud and download them back whenever you need them even if you don’t have your mobile device with you. All you need is an internet connection. You also get to share files with friends and fully assured of not losing your important files forever. In fact move ALL the contents of your phone to dropbox.
    Download : Android, iOS



  • Slack: This wonderful collaboration app would make team projects and assignments easier for you. It offers real time messaging and file sharing for one to one and group conversations. Make meetings more productive for collaborating students. Also good to gossip about that lazy team mate privately.
    Download : Android, iOS


  • Union Vibe quiz: This game app gets to challenge your knowledge on popular topics in a Nigerian way. It covers a range of topics ranging music, fashion to movies and sports. It is a great game to play as its both competitive and informative. You wae sabi insult the young man that’s on the hot seat with Frank Edoh, try this one naa..
    Download : Android


  • Easybib: Basically from experience, I discovered one of the most difficult stage of writing a research paper is creating a list of citations…especially with the different styles available. Well Easybib makes it a lot easier to get this tedious task done. It is easy to use, just download the app, enter a book title and get the right citation and copy into your bibliography.
    Download : Android, iOS

Bonus: It would be unfair to mention a few others which are also very useful.


  • ExamPrep: This Nigerian app helps students prepare for various exams. It focuses on WAEC, NECO, JAMB by providing computer based tests (CBT) and also information about different tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This is for secondary school students who are about to take their final exams.
    Download : Android


  • Nigeria News app: You can’t possibly be just all a scholar or always chatting with bae and boo, You have to be up to date with things happening around you and in Nigeria in general. This app gives you access to popular news in Nigeria from different sources.
    Download : Android


  • Monefy: Every student definitely has to properly manage their pocket money to survive on a daily basis. Monefy helps to effectively keep track of all expenses so that you don’t end up very broke and sad…

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