100-Year-Old Woman Reveals Shocking Secret To Her Long Life (See Photo)

Ruby on her 100th birthday MEET the 100-year-old Scots grandma with ìamazingî skin - and her secret is never wearing makeup.  Since a young age Ruby Mathieson, who recently celebrated her milestone birthday, thought makeup was ìevil stuffî.  Over the years she has simply washed her face every day with cold water - a tip which she learned from her mother.  And photos taken throughout her lifetime show the benefits of such a strict regimen - as she still maintains a youthful glow at the age of 100.

A woman who looks strong and fit at 100 has made a shocking revelation of what has kept her healthy and alive.

Ruby Mathieson is looking pretty good for 100-years-old. So, what’s her secret? Well, it’s not down to expensive face creams or a secret Botox habit.
In fact, the gran-of-two from Dalmarnock, Glasgow, who was born in 1916, has never worn makeup, not even on her wedding day. She calls it ‘evil stuff’ and, instead, simply washes her face every day with cold water.
Despite living through decades of changing beauty looks, from the dark lips and porcelain skin of the 1920s, to the glory days of blue eyeshadow and pink blusher in the 1980s, Ruby has never been tempted to experiment.
And her daughter Rona Mattis, 59, believes this simple regime is the key to her mum’s lifelong clear skin. ‘She used to think it [makeup] was evil stuff, and the only thing she would do in the morning was wash her face with cold water,’ she recalls.
She says her mum Ruby ‘just didn’t believe her skin would be as clear if she wore make-up all the time – I think she got it from my grandmother who also never wore it.
‘On her wedding day she was given a little powder compact, but even then refused to put any of it on. I still have the compact now.’
She adds that there was never any makeup lying around in the house when she was younger to play about with and she now only wears minimal makeup herself.
‘I think it absolutely has made a difference to my mum’s skin – she looks amazing for 100 years old,’ she says.
Although there might be another factor at play (other than good genes of course). Rona says her mum also used to drink a big glass of water every morning and has never touched a drop of alcohol.
‘Despite being a lover of Scottish culture, she has never drank alcohol and finds the idea of whisky absolutely disgusting.’
Ruby has been living at the Bupa Wyndford Locks Care Home in Glasgow for the last seven years. She sadly lost her husband of 60 years, John, in December 2006.
The pair were married at Wellington Church in Glasgow on 10 August 1946, and baby Rona arrived in 1956.
Ruby left school at the age of 14 and worked as a dressmaker in her teens and 20s before going to work in a munitions factory in Clydebank at the outbreak of the Second World War.
As for her secret to long life, that would be ‘lots of fresh Scottish air’. ‘She has also always been the outdoors type. Walking is by far her favourite pastime,’ Rona says.
So, ditch the contouring, lay off the whisky and take more walks.
Yeah, we’ve got no hope.

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