10 Favorite Leisure Activities Of A Modern Girl


In the contemporary world, we have so many things to do aside from working and staying home! The industry of entertainment has created products that can fit literally every taste. If you want to have fun with girls – you know what kind of fun we are talking about – you will have to entertain her! Beautiful women of Russia Dating Stars helped me with a list of modern girl’s favorite leisure! You can use this list for your own benefit – to win a girl’s heart and attention – by sharing these activities with her.

  1. Watching TV and movies. Well, it is not only about the girls. Being one of the most popular activities in the modern world, cinema helps people get to know each other better – by revealing their emotions, reactions, tastes in art and so on. In addition, there is no better place for a first kiss than the last row!
  2. Girls love cute animals! And, obviously, girls are more carrying (because if their inherent maternity skills). A girl would be glad to spend some time petting a fluffy cat or a cheerful dog. This activity can make you closer and let her understand that you can become a great father for your future children.
  3. The Internet community often suggests the modern society has forgotten how good books can be. We are ready to bust this myth! Girls all over the world spend a lot of time reading and discussing their favorite novels. Give it a try! Sharing reader’s experience can tell you more than you think.
  4. Recent surveys revealed a surprising fact – men gossip more than women do! Who would have thought… Anyways, back to girls. Sometimes they just need to talk her friends over. You are not obliged to participate this dialogue – she needs someone to listen. Let her speak for a while – it will make her believe that you are one who can be trusted.
  5. There are many different genres of music nowadays: EDM, pop, funk, dubstep, hardcore, classical etc. Being a part of her aesthetics, a music taste characterizes girl from various sides – the way she thinks, the way she apprehends art, her emotions, and temper. Use it as an advantage!
  6. Gardening and home design. Every girl is an artist. Many of them choose her home as the canvas. They create all this cute stuff like painted torchers, embroidered tablecloths, and charming linen napkins. Have you seen her hydrangeas? She would probably love you to join her.
  7. Men usually think that both watching and participate sports are their exclusive prerogative. How wrong they are! Women love to watch football matches, attend yoga classes (try it – we are pretty sure you will not handle it). Then why not watch soccer – and play soccer – together?
  8. So many beautiful and amazing places in the world and so little time to see them all… Girls do love to explore! Rainforest? Sure thing! Sothern Italy? Why not! Take her to a lovely voyage – or a romantic road trip – and enjoy the most magnificent adventure in your life!
  9. Gaming and technology. If you think that a word ‘software’ frightens her – be sure to rethink it! Girls love computer and video games (especially The Sims series – it reminds them of a dollhouse they used to have). Let her join you in CS:GO tournament – she will make the best teammate ever.
  10. Spending time with family and friends. Can you think of something as good as a family dinner or a weekend runaway with friends? Neither do us! Girls are often cheerful and adore their parents, so she would love to take you to her home and have a Scrabble party with her relatives.

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