Why do many ladies prefer a salary earner to an entrepreneur?

Why do many ladies prefer a salary earner to an entrepreneur?

Why do many ladies prefer a salary earner to an entrepreneur?

If you ask any lady to choose between a salary earner or an entrepreneur i guess many will gladly go for the latter.

Yes most ladies will gladly settle for an established and successful entrepreneur but will prefer a man that earns a salary to a BUDDING entrepreneur aiming to make success of his career?

How amazing is the fact that many ladies would rather prefer a butterfly to a caterpillar.

It is amazing how an average Nigerian lady will go all out to kill the zeal of a young and promising entrepreneur simply because of the fear of the unseen,she will advice him to take up a job just because she is more interested in having the assurance that there is a regular in-flow of cash either for her selfish gains or for the sake of the children.

Ok I guess you will be saying in your mind ”this guy don come again” so do me this favor and lets do this real life testing..

If you are a guy who is still searching for job simply call your lady on the phone and tell her “honey wow! guess what? I have gotten a business idea I want to start” and please observe her response.

Wait for another week and call her again but this time say “Honey you won’t believe I got a job” and also observe her response.

And for those who are already working,simply call your lady and tell her “honey I have decided to quit my job to start my personal business” ..i am almost certain you are in for a long sermon on why you should not.

Some ladies are even kind enough to ask you to get a job first then probably raise the money for the business as though they are so certain that all the money you earn monthly from the hopeful job will be saved for your intending business and unfortunately by the time you start a job
you intend spending just few years,you will wake up after 20years to discover you are still stuck up in same job because the employers we have are pretty smart enough not to allow you space for yourself and you will even have to lie in order to attend an interview for another job offer.

Please don’t get it twisted…as a man,there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking up a job if that is what rocks your boat but I am simply laying emphases on some Nigerian ladies who lack vision,those who are mediocre and those who just believe that getting by is more important in life than attaining a potential maximum IN YOUR CHOSEN CAREER.

Our ladies must understand that just as we have men who are ok with a paid jobs and depend on the employer to gain promotion and more take home pay,we also have men who are visionary,men who would rather want to be an employer of labor rather than be an employee,men who will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams and men who will later become the Dangotes and bill gates of today and eventually become a owner of a company many see today as well established and many ladies will even pray and fast for their men to be employed there.

This is my point ladies…the choice remains yours but please do not stress our men who are visionary,determined and result oriented. Allow them pursue their dreams.Get a life for yourself,get financially independent and allow this man space to actualize his dreams.

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