Video/photos: Shocking moment gang of youths in London attack police officers in broad daylight but the police still don’t shoot

Shocking footage has emerged showing some young men in East London attack Metropolitan police who pulled over their car in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets. The video uploaded to YouTube by Police shows the men surround the police officers, who are restraining two of their friends.

Eventually a fight breaks out between the young men and police officers and an officer is pulled to the floor during the fracas before he calls for back up.

The video was also posted on social media site Reddit and users were quick to praise the actions of the officers, saying it’ll would have been a different story if it occurred in America .

One user said:

“Imagine how differently this would have been if this happened in America” another adding “Top of Form British police officers making American police officers look unprofessional, as usual – after 5 minutes of scuffle, the police still warns the guy ‘One more step and I will spray you.’ Nobody got seriously hurt that day.”

More photos and the video below.

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