Things Which You Will Get To Know Only After You Lose Your Virginity!

1. Expectation vs reality.

There are different opinions of different people on losing virginity. Some say it’s a weird feeling while others feel that it’s very special. But one thing on which everyone agrees that one experiences a lot of differences before and after doing it.

Here are those Truths which you realize only after losing the virginity!

1. Expectation is Different from reality

1. Expectation vs reality.

2. I am A warrior

2. Like a warrior.

3. Tried To Save But Still Lost It

3. They try hard not to lose their virginity, still they do.

4. That Expression Says It All

4. See the guy's face, he doesn't consider it as losing his virginity.

5. Really Crazy

5. This is something weird.

6. Feeling Like A Celebrity

6. She gives a celebrity like feeling.

7. Can You Relate?

7. This is so true!

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