The One Resolution You Must Make For A MUCH Happier Relationship

The One Resolution You Must Make For A MUCH Happier Relationship

The One Resolution You Must Make For A MUCH Happier Relationship

You deserve better!

When it comes to making positive changes to improve your relationship (and the way you feel about yourself), you might think you need a laundry list of steps and resolutions.

We disagree. We believe there is really only ONE essential resolution needed to dramatically improve your love life, whether you’re searching for a new partner, or you’re trying to keep love alive with someone you’ve been with for years.

This one big resolution will help you stop attracting unhealthy relationships and/or playing out toxic patterns with your partner. And here it is:

“This year I vow never to accept less than what I really want in my relationship.”

With this resolution, you commit yourself to getting clear on what you REALLY want in a relationship and in a partner, and to do whatever it takes to get it.

That means no more dating people who aren’t worthy of your love, or who don’t treat you the way you deserve. It means no more stuffing down your feelings or trying to “keep the peace” in your relationship when something goes wrong.

It means no more complaining to your friends when your mate upsets you, but doing what it takes to address the issue with him or her directly. It means no more cycles of fighting, feelings of aching loneliness, or heartbreaking relationships in any area of your life (romantic or otherwise).

You will never accept less than what you really want again. What could be better than that, right?

Why This Relationship Resolution Is So Powerful

Say it aloud now: “This year I vow never to accept less than what I really want in my relationship.”

The moment you declare this one resolution, you make a powerful commitment that automatically sets these forces in motion:

  1. It supercharges your self-esteem, because you’re telling yourself that you’re worthy of a great relationship. You will no longer accepting anything less than you deserve.
  2. You instantly orient yourself to the kind of relationship you want. It inspires you to get really clear on what’s truly important to you and what you want to create with a partner.
  3. Having a clear vision of love and knowing that you are worthy of it, helps you start making decisions differently: Dating better matches, communicating your needs, working through problems. This vow becomes the foundation, from which a beautiful relationship can grow.

For the rest of 2016 (and we hope every year after that), take responsibility for your happiness, love yourself and your needs completely, and create the relationship you’ve always longed for … not just the one you settled for.

This Resolution Has A Built-In, Anti-Failure Strategy

There’s another important part of this resolution. In fact, it’s just as important as the resolution itself: Recommitment.

Resolutions often don’t work because we declare them one time and then naturally drift from them. We get busy. We feel distracted. We’re human.

And, because we’re human, we also do something that is entirely unhelpful: We blame ourselves. We think that when we drift from a resolution, we’ve failed. And once we think we’ve failed, we give up.

And then we quickly resort back to our bad habits and status quo.

With this resolution, you must try something different. Instead of blaming yourself when you drift from your resolution, recommit to the resolution again and keep going.

After all, if you get lost on a drive from Los Angeles to New York, you don’t give up on the trip, do you?  Of course not. You get back on the road, with your destination firmly in mind.

That’s what recommitment is all about. It’s a powerful way to keep your resolution alive.

When you do that, your relationship landscape looks a whole lot different and the future seems a whole lot brighter.

So, are you ready to do what you can with your partner to make your relationship the best it can possibly be?

There’s absolutely no reason for you to spend another year without the love you long for. Resolve to settle for no less — and to recommit every single day to the life and relationship you want.

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