August 23, 2019

Lol….our Generation Gods fela so much bcos we’ve only heard stories abt his doings and stuff..then stumble on one or two of his music..no doubt fela is definitely one of the Greats…same way sunny ade nd d rest are..these ppl their story juicy bcos na gist we dey hear..so ts easy to God them..bet u the next generation when they rate doings of burna and wizkid them..they’ll put them at that same level cos their achievements will b just as juicy as fela own is to our ears ..a prophet is never accepted in his home…Fela during his time wasn’t as much as a legend as he is now ..the government hated him..sm set of citizens hated him..sm ppl saw him as a nuisance .sm saw him as a tout.. Same way there were ppl who saw him as a star..and an activist….

So ts d same for wiz nd burna our generation cannot appreciate them enough ..but i bet u the next gen will definitely God them.

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