Teacher Allegedly Beats Student to Death After Severe Punishment

Milo-SchoolAngry students have staged a protest burning down a part of their school dormitory after a teacher allegedly caused the death of a student.

A teacher has landed in deep trouble after he allegedly gave a student severe beating that led to his death.

The Kenyans reports that the student at Milo Friends Boys High School in Webuye because of the beating he received from the teacher.

According to the students, the said learner went home to receive treatment for the injuries sustained from the blows and kicks and reported back to school a few days ago.

At school, he developed complications and was rushed to Webuye District Hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

One of the students speaking under the condition of anonymity revealed that the deceased was reportedly punished by a teacher over a “petty mistake” in May this year.

“He stayed home for one month and came back a few days ago. He developed complications and was rushed to Webuye hospital where he died while receiving treatment,” he was quoted by the Star.

When news of the student’s death spread, angry students went on rampage destroying school property and burning down a section of one of the dormitories in protest which in turn led to the indefinite closure of the institution.

Principal Albert Mutambo, however, denied claims that the punishment was the cause of death noting that the boy had health complications.

Three students have been arrested in connection to the fire. The principal firmly stated that more will be arrested once investigations are completed.

All students have been sent home except Form Four candidates who remained behind to sit for exams. What will happen to the teacher is yet unknown.

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