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Download Mixtape: Dj Swayze – Coming to Lagos

Finally, Dj Swayze renders his highly anticipated mixtape.   Following up with his raving Popular Demand mixtape Series, He decided to theme this one “Coming To Lagos”.   “3rd mainland no Go Get Hold-up with this one”.   No time for plenty talk, Stream, Download Enjoy. Twitter:…

May 14, 2019

#SFN MIXTAPE: Dj Swayze – “Big Sharku” (PDMS21)

He delivers yet again, Dj Swayze gives us something really exceptional to “shaku shaku”, He claims this one is going to sweep you off, put you on, and then sweep you off again.   This one is called “Big Sharku”. I really feel you don’t…

September 4, 2018

#SFN MIXTAPE: Dj Swayze – “Alcholades” (PDMS20)

Happy bithday dj swayze!!! As usual he celebrates himself with very powerful and intense mix, This time its the 20th Episode of the Exclusive Popular demand mixtape series.   Dj swayze took to his instram to announce he extended the total  time duration due to the…

May 31, 2018


Happy New year yo! Here’s the super Gift promised by the Sweetest DJ in the world,  Dj Swayze kick starts the year as usual with a scintillating performance on this trapped out mixtape he titled “PEW PEW PEW”. This one is the 19th episode of…

January 2, 2018

#SFN MIXTAPE: DJ Swayze – Record of Life Mix (PDMS18) | @DJ_SWAYZE

Hey, Merry Christmas to you. The most addictive DJ in the world, Dj Swayze finally approves the long-awaited “Record of life mixtape” and here it is for your listening pleasure. Dj Swayze really doesn’t need much introduction, as you already know, this’ the 18th episode of His usual and forever…

December 26, 2017

#SFN MIXTAPE: Dj Swayze – No Chill Zone (Popular Demand Mixtape Season 17)

Due to popular demand, Dj Swayze delivers on This Rare High tempo Dance mix. PDMS17 Comes about a month after Popular Demand MIxtape Season 16 Broke boundaries and sold internationally. Follow up and catch a PDM Vibe today. Don’t Be Told, listen for yourself. DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE: Dj Swayze – No Chill Zone (Popular…

November 4, 2017

#SFN MIXTAPE: Dj Swayze – More Life (Popular Demand Mix Season 16)

Addictive Dj Swayze Serves Up The season 16 of his ever impressive Mixtape series, The Popular Demand Mixtape Season 16 (PDMS16). The Most recent Masterpiece is dubbed “More Life” and is set to trap you Down listening to the catchy blend of chart-topping joints from top Trap Kings And Queens…

October 7, 2017

#SFN MIXTAPE: Dj Swayze – Popular Demand Mix Season 13

​​  .Just Days after the Blast on  popular demand mixtape season 12  to end the year 2016, Dj Swayze kick starts the new year 2017 with this addictive compilation of some catchy tunes you would love in one single play. Get the mix below, share, drop…

January 3, 2017


​​   Its the end of the year again, and as usual the ‘ADDICTIVE DJ SWAYZE’ puts out his annual mix series, he calls this one ‘maddest hitz mixtape’ which right below is the 2015 edition. In the festive mood, this is a huge work you would…

January 1, 2016


Apparently dj swayze has been working really hard putting strings together as he’s set to premiere a debut musical single as a dj, he recently hooked up with ice prince while he was working at a studio in Lagos and has been rumored to…

November 20, 2015