August 16, 2019

1.Popular Loser by Shinzu: Shinzu released a 3 track EP this week whilst all 3 songs r doin well nd r well accepted..Popular loser seems the best of the bunch as fans keep droppin in comments ..and tagging it all over their social media.Definitely worth checking out.

2. Magic by King efexx: Last week Efexx popped up wit one hell of a jam titled magic..The magic to this tune lies in the melody..it’s such a beautiful song u find urself humming along soon as the chorus comes in..beautiful beautiful song!

3. Follow by Emex: Having followed the artistry of the artiste Emex for a while…i’ve always known he had the ability to cause trouble…and he just did with this song..it’s all shades of perfect..Production…Sound..U just keep bumping ur head to this..it really is that Good.

4.Believe me by Rukkysmash: Ever seen me write a countdown and not include a sad song?…hehe..this is that sad song..Song tells a very compelling story that lowkey moved me to tears..it really is a good listen..u shld check it out

5.Agege by Tekno: I keep asking myself if i want to tag Tekno a wack artiste..but then i find myself bumping hard to his jams after like two listens..the first listen is where the whole super reviewer in me comes out..but u see that second listen..eh God..i dey lose home training..happened wit (Don’t jealous me) and now Agege.

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