Soulja Boy Narrowly Misses Dying On His 26th Birthday

soulja boy

Soulja Boy missed being shot to death in a robbery attempt, Friday (July 29) while celebrating his birthday with a couple of friends at a Hollywood studio.

The bullet which was meant for him hit his friend and artist, Killa J instead.

While the police are presently investigating the crime, the incident reportedly happened thus:

Soulja’s crew noticed a suspicious black Ford SUV with four men in it, parked outside the studio after Soulja boy’s crew had turned up to celebrate his birthday.

soulja boy
Soulja Boy narrowly missed dying on his birthday

While they were through with the party and considered leaving, they decided to check the security cams in the studio’s building where they observed the men were still parked outside.

Killa J decided to go out and investigate what the men wanted.

Upon stepping out of the studio building, the Memphis-rapper was cornered by the men who commanded him to hand over Soulja Boy’s Gucci bag which he was carrying as that’s the rappers cash-bag.

The men also asked specifically for Soulja Boy by name and Killa J adamantly refused cooperating which led to him getting shot at.

The bullet hit Killa J’s arm. He is expected to make a full recovery.

It was disclosed that the bullet was meant for Soulja who had been flashing wads of cash on his Instagram page.

There is also reports of the robbery being an in-house plot orchestrated by one of Soulja’s own.

soulja boy
Soulja Boy flashing wads of dollars on his social media handle

Some of the rappers birthday captions read, “I’m that Nigga 💯 thanks for all the birthday wishes and shout-out everyone who came to my party. I’m just living life and chasing my dreams. Good vibes only enjoy life! Nah for real 💯.”

“They love you then hate you then love you again. Focus on the goal. I remember being broke now I’m rich. Anything is possible.”

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