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The 5ft 3′ tall, charismatic Sydney Chizoba Duru, popularly known as “SidexBeats” is not a newbie in the industry, he is an acclaimed Music Producer | Singer | Mix & Mastering Audio Engineer in his own rights. As a freeman he is presently working under the production brand / Record Label “Benzene Records” that is well known for churning out hits tracks / hit beats and contributing perfection to Nigeria’s highly competitive music soundscape.

Most prodigiously talented people show glimpses of their talent early. For Sidexbeats, it was no different, he has always been attracted to Miming, Singing, Song Writing, Live Sound Engineering, Digital / Analogue Mixing & much more, And these where what gave him so much edge. he also developed high interest in musical instruments such as the Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Drums & Bass Guitar which Afterwards, in the early 2009 he started writing songs and song composition.

Ask any artist when they discovered their love of music or creating it, and words like “really early” and “from my childhood” come springing forth like lyrics from a well known song. For Sydney ‘SidexBeats‘ he might as well have come into the world singing, producing and writing songs. Not many would be surprised if that was the case.

Born in Lagos state, western Nigeria, this true to his roots African son, is a proudly self-taught music producer, singer and song writer. Like any other artist, his culture, informs his music, but these influences are widened, developed and influenced in generous measure by artists he grew up listening to.

Born in the 90’s, an era almost overdosing on afropop, reggae, afrobeat and patua goodness, with detours into fast Jack Swing, and flavored with monster songwriting and production skills of the likes of Yung L and ceeza milli , stonebowy and patoranking, Little wonder, one of the golden eras of black music, provided a real spark to a flame, and helped develop a true songwriter and producer’s ear in the young talent.

He grew up listening to the music of Kelly, Michael Jackson, the classic foundational rap of Eminem, and then turning it all on its head by enjoy the mastery of tunesmiths like Lionel Richie. A soul artist who wrote and sang pop music, and who in turn appealed to a far reaching demographic.
It makes for a heady mix of infusions.

By the time Sydney joined his local church’s children choir, an early outlet and avenue to express himself musically before an audience, fate kicked in and the roots were laid for his unique abilities to find further expression and development.

Realising all he wanted to do was live, work and breathe music, his professional career started as a singer/song writer.

College however beckoned, and he moved to the Nigerian University town of Ilorin in pursuit of a degree. He however found more than that, with exposure to the world of music production. Once he started on that road, exploring it to its fullest extent became a forgone conclusion.

Before long, as SidexBeats, he could lay claim to serous work, making inroads in professional music production, by sequencing sounds and beats for other artists.

Eager to learn and grow, he self taught, his Mum buying him his first ever laptop to support her sons passion and talent.

Sidexbeats became the master of music technology and software. Consuming information and finding learning opportunities wherever he could. The Internet became invaluable, and YouTube tutorials on how to master beat production, and be a better vocalist, becoming oxygen to his every waking moment.

He also wanted to understand sound in a very different way. Cue piano classes and learning how to play as an instrumentalist, further pushing the envelope on his scope of abilities.

Nigerian music had long before taken over the continental airwaves, and Sidexbeats was ready to cut his piece of the pie offered by his spiritual home, and in so doing, move his music to the next level.

That move proved to be a great one. Offers arrived from top recording studios across the city, and he had the chance to work with the industry’s best sound engineers, producers and artistes. Further enforcing his foundational belief in the importance of creating an individual sound identity.

He has worked with top Ghanian / Liberian music artiste in the likes, Machinee Kamara, KandiBee, Safo, Dreams, Moe Gilly, Village Boy, who are currently based in U.K, & a couple of fast-rising American rappers/singer, & back in his homeland Nigeria, few to mention In the likes of Teddiizzle, Henrisoul, Markuzvelli, Gabsol, Dizaya he has been part of a whole lotta album compilations, he has done couples of mixtapes and has produced for a whole lot of fast rising acts, & just to keep the ball rolling, in early 2016 he successfully completed an International Music Project which received loads positive comments on & after its drop date & in late 2017 he successfully.

Sidexbeats has always been open-minded, embracing the challenge of learning something new everyday. A sense of exploration which has lead him to exporting his sound to the Middle East.

As a person who loves what he does, he is focused on delivering quality sounds to the world. Ask him and he’ll tell you without hesitation, right now, he is right where he ought to be.


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Email: [email protected]

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