#SFN MUSIC: Jerry Jesu – Resurrection Dance | @Jerry4you2003

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Odeyemi Jeremiah Ekundayo (Jerry Jesu ) is a dynamic and prolific
Afro- Gospel Singer/ song writer who hail from the western part of
Nigeria, He started music professionally in December 2013, A member of
The Apostolic Church Nigeria,  He has composed songs like Shalom
Nigeria and Maja Masa which is in English and Local Pidgin .

Resurrection Dance is his new song for 2016 and it is inspire by God
grace in order to keep spreading his loving kindness for humanity,
remembering every human about Salvation and Eternity according to his
word in the book of John 3 Vs 16, with a great dance style for
glorifying his only son who died for the sin of mankind and
Resurrected living for ever



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