Sex Position Of The Week: X-Rated Ecstasy


Sex Position Of The Week: X-Rated Ecstasy

If you haven’t had sex in a long time, this position is for you.



He grabs her butt as his tongue gets first taste of her clit. She stands slightly hunched to allow him work his magic while balancing her hands on the wall. This position can also work if they both go down from the couch. With the guy on the floor and the girl on the couch or just standing erect.

Still suckling her, he takes one hand off her butt to insert a finger into her vagina, with the other hand moving to stroke his penis.

She lets out a moan to let him know she is just as ready as he is.


He pulls her from the wall so she she slides directly over his erect shaft. With her feet properly balanced behind him, they both have free hands to roam each other’s bodies and share passionate kisses.

While thrusting, she rides along matching his every move with a grind from her vagina. His mouth finds her breasts and grabs them. Suckling from one to another, he raises his head up so she shares a kiss with him after which he goes back to suckling.

She wraps her hands around his head as she brings her feet closer so she can squat without help and begins to go up and down on his penis with his mouth still on her breasts. Using his free hand, he finds her clit and tickles it as she continues to jiggle on him.

With each move she makes, he can feel the orgasm rush coming close and knows he isn’t to far from bursting a cum.

He pulls her back unto his thighs, squeezing all his hard length into her with just his balls missing the glorious reunion. He doesn’t let up, He keeps himself deep inside her while holding unto one of her breasts with his mouth. Her hands are around his head, hugging him tight as he plunges deeper with every slow thrust. Flicking her tongue and biting her lips she feels her orgasm stroll in, she lets go and falls into the abyss of climax.

The moment he has been waiting for. He lets go of her breasts and claims her mouth, slightly lifting her butt in the air, he fast slams from under her till he feels her wetness surround him with warmth and then he lets go as the last wave of ecstasy takes over him and he cums all up inside her.


Difficulty Factor:  🌟

Erotic Factor:   🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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