Sex Position Of The Week: Lovelock

Sex Position Of The Week: Lovelock

Sex Position Of The Week: Lovelock

Difficulty Factor:

Erotic Factor:

This style is for lovemaking. For the man who wants to please and the woman who wants to be pleased. Can’t work for quickie. Involves lots of passion and hormones flying.

Not difficult, but for those who might find it hard, there are over five ways to eat this particular meal. Plus, the hands and mouth is free to work wonders on other parts of the body. Read up.

Called Lovelock for a reason, this position is more intimate than most and allows the man staring into his partners eyes as he drills her. For this to work perfectly, he should prop her waist with a pillow for better and lasting balance.

With careful passion, he takes her clothes off, while leading her to the bed. Laying her on her back, he props her waist with a pillow. Slipping in after her, he sits facing her with feet tuck under his butt while grasping her on her mid-back. She crosses her ankle behind him.

He finds her opening and plunges in, first with easy strokes as he leans forward for a taste of her breasts. This style compliments a lot as his hand lets go of her waist to fiddle on her clits. She aches her back to let him in deeper.

She uses her hand to grab his face and lift it to her mouth, tasting him. She leaves his mouth to nibble on his neck and ear lobes. Sucking lovingly on it with each passionate thrust he makes inside her. Using her hand she finds his buds and begins to play with it.

He lifts his face up, taking her along with him, so she’s resting on her elbows and her mouth replaces her hand on his buds. The feeling of him inside her combined with the magic of her mouth on his buds while he’s fiddling on her clits sends him on the precipice if orgasm but he has to hold on a bit longer.

He untucks his feet from his but and sits sprawled before her. This way, he has full view of his penis sliding in and out of her, which turns him on some more. He takes his left thumb to her mouth while the left thumb plays on both of her breast buds, still thrusting.

She aches her back, propping her waist deeper so his penis can hit her g-spot, while lifting her feet in upward triangle. His thrusts get deeper as she suckles on his thumb in her mouth while caressing his skin.

He leans back to lift his butt up a bit, balancing on both hands. This way he is free to just thrust and feel leaving the woman to receive and feel too.

With each steady upward plunges she moans her heart out while grasping unto her breasts as her first wave of ecstasy rushes through her. Letting go of his elbow, he lies facing her while thrusting with an upward tempo. Using both hands to play with her clit. She urges him by enacting his position, sitting facing him while watching his penis slip in and out of her, she uses her index finger to strokes his penis each time it comes out before it slips back in.

Both sensations of feathery stroke on his penis and the euphoria of the sensations from inside takes him to cloud  9 as he climaxes.

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