See the Irritating Things Some Nigerian Guys Do That Turn Ladies Off


See the Irritating Things Some Nigerian Guys Do That Turn Ladies Off

Majority of guys are very immature and unacceptable societal-wise by their attitude and appearance!

*Dirty boxers: Some guys wear boxers for weeks without changing them! Dirty pikin and u won toast babe. White boxers go turn to carton colour

*White singlet turns brown: I still wonder how some guys wear white singlet till it turns brown! Some guys’ singlets have even turned to buba with a wide space under the arms. The skinny ones will look like hangers inside the singlet!  abeg upgrade joor!!!

*Keeping bushy hairs: This is seriously a turn-off! Does it mean you can’t afford 200 Naira to cut your hair?  Are you practicing madness? Some barbers even charge 150 Naira! Guy, abeg go cut your hair make you look like human being.

*Wearing skinny Jeans: I don’t mind seeing small boys do this but not when you have come of age. Do you know how you look? Over 30 and you still wear jeans that make you look like vulture that has been beaten by rain!

*Sagging: Exposing your cheap boxers that you bought from Aboki at the rate of 150 Naira! Continue to misbehave, there is a prize for you

*Wanting to sleep with a lady on a first date: This is the most annoying and dumbest! You just meet a girl and you want to sleep with her? Because of the 1000 naira you spent on refreshment? Well, only girls without class fall for that. One day, your uncontrollable appetite for s*x will land you in Kirikiri Maximum Security!!! Akpa!

*Taking drugs and alcohol to make love: So you can really do this? You plan to destroy someone’s daughter? I never knew you could be so serious to apply a lot of strength and energy with adequate planning for this act! Yet, you have not been able to plan your life or think of putting in so much energy in your work or career! Nonsense!

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