Rio Olympics: Egyptian Female Beach volleyball team wear Hijab while playing against Germany (photos)

Pictures have emerged showing the cultural differences among some of the nations taking part in the Rio Olympics after the Egyptian women’s beach volleyball team took to the sandy arena wearing long sleeves, leggings and Hijab which was a deep contrast to the outfit worn by the German team who stuck to the sport’s traditional two-piece outfit for the clash on Sunday night.

Although the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) used to have standards regulating the size of uniforms, those were loosened heading into the London 2012 Olympics to allow full sleeves and leggings.
There are now 169 different countries involved in the Continental Cup qualifying process for the 2016 Olympic, compared to 143 for London after rules on clothing were relaxed and FIVB say the regulations were loosened to open up the sport culturally.
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