Revealed! See The 8 Types Of Men Nigerian Women Hate With A Passion

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Men sometimes wonder why women run away from them most of the time without realizing they are the problem themselves. If you are in this category, find out if you have any of these traits women hate in men.


Sometimes, men start a relationship with a woman and before they know it, the lady is already withdrawing from them. This  might be due to certain traits you have which she can’t deal with. It should be noted that just as men can’t stand certain types of women, women also can’t tolerate certain men.
Below is a list of the most common types of men that women love to hate. This may help you change your ways.
1. The stingy guy:
She’s not asking for too much, an occasional gift which may not even be an expensive one would do. He stylishly always tries to avoid spending his money and would rather want you to keep footing the bill.
2. The woman chaser:
This man lusts after any and everything in skirt. Every guy admires beautiful women but this one makes it very obvious, not minding that he is with a girl. It is not only offensive but makes the woman you’re with hate you.
3. Broke ass:
Dear men, most women don’t want a liability in their life. No lady would want to settle for a man who can’t take care of himself.
4. Mummy’s boy:
This man still needs his mother’s permission to do anything. He never takes charge.
5. Mr traditional:
Gone are the days when women are treated more like slaves than as wives. It is a known fact that the man is the head of the home but, the woman is not his slave.
6. The one who doesn’t know how to dress his age:
Grown men sagging an trying to be like Wizkid is a ‘NO NO.’ Dressing like an adult is what is appealing to a woman.
7. Over-protective men:
She wants you to care but doesn’t want you choking her and breathing down her neck all the time. My girl aint allowed to turn up without me.
8. The controlling guy:
This guy wants everything to go his way. He is a control freak and wants to control everything in his life, including you.

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