Photos: Man caught trying to rape eight-year-old girl is stripped naked and paraded around town

The man in the photos above was allegedly caught trying to rape an eight-year-old girl and was stripped naked in an attempt to publicly shame him. In the video uploaded on social media the caption read:
“The neighbours of the community have done justice when we apprehended a criminal who was about to rape a little girls of just 8 years, and we handed him over to police who we hope will get justice for the innocent girl.”

He was reportedly dragged from the scene of the alleged rape attempt, had his hands tied with a rope behind his back and then paraded through the town. Someone then called the police and the crowd reluctantly handed him over to a policewoman , who removed the rope, handcuffed him and took him away in a patrol car. The crowd kept screaming at the alleged rapist while he was being driven away..

One man shouted: “Next time we will kill you.” while another person screamed: “Degenerate! Tie him to the back of the car.”

Source: Daily Mail UK

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