Ogologoma: The Sense behind the Nonsense

Ogologoma by Dj Big N ft Rema dropped a few days back and so far has received a lot of reactions…Some People think it’s a mad ass bop(Another banga!!)…Some, feel let down..why?..They say the lyrics are next to nonsense and at best average.

Trust me i’ve gotten in a few altercations/arguments because of this statement and uh u knw how arguments go…nobody really wins. But i being serial winner, plus having a platform(sixfivenation) where i can come air my views and those views remain “Yea and Amen”…i have decided to win this way..i want to show the sense behind the nonsense..stick with me.

I’ll like to share that the main reason…i picked up my pen..(in this case keypad)..to give a little education was me stumbling on a comment that read “Mavin is just spoiling Rema’s Career”..This came from a disgruntled trap fan who felt Rema shld stick to trapping rather than hop on afro vibes and sing nonsensical lyrics. While i feel his pain of having to listen to Rema use vocabularies that are neither present in our dictionaries or daily lingua..The insult of saying Mavin has handled Rema’s career in the wrong way cannot be allowed.

You want Rema to stick to trapping where in your opinion he uses better lyrics…i dnt knw if this pesin was or is sleeping cos Rema is still trapping. His last project was a f**kin trap job…Mavin ain’t Changed shit they’ve only made his craft more profitable..just last week i stumbled on a tweet from Mavins twitter handle that read “Rema has amassed a total of over 50 million streams on all songs released”…If this is what u call mishandling of a career then i need my career to be mishandled abeg.

Now finally explaining the sense behind the nonsense…i basically feel having experimented wit Dumebi..freestyling on a beat and refusing to replace the incoherent wit actual words..yet the song became a huge success..They just decided to ride the wave..same as errbody riding the shaku/slimcase style when t’was popular..and now the zanku vibe..i won’t be surprised if a few months from now everyone starts dropping a few inaudibles/incoherents on their songs..it is what it is. It’s the naija industry we love trash..just give us a good beat alongsides it and we good!.

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