Nigerian Fast Rising Artiste, King Lia, Set to Debut Her Single

With the spotlights on the Nigerian music, it is safe to say the multi million naira industry is evolving into something enigmatic as new artistes are constantly on the rise with their unique flavors and sounds. The Nigerian music industry has witnessed the influx of artistes signed to various record labels, just as with the emergence of solo artistes who are constantly making good music and dishing out vibes on their own. Of one of those artistes to be on the lookout for is the fast rising female artiste known by her brand name as King Lia whose rhythm is a “little something off the regular afro jam.”

Born Concilia Ngozi on 16 December, King Lia hails from Imo state. Being the second child and first daughter, the singer-songwriter graduated from the department of English Language and Literature in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state where she spent all her adult life. And while still in school, she shuttled studentship and on-and-off jobs, running a restaurant, and making and selling smoothies before finally plunging full time into her music career, starting with recording a single off of her plenty written songs set to debut this September.
The petite, light-skinned songstress started her affair with music and entertainment from childhood as she formed a 3-girl group with her sister and a childhood-neighbour friend in World Bank Estate, Owerri where she grew up. She says she has loved everything music as a child as she had been in various dance groups in primary and secondary school respectively, and that she was always fascinated watching the masquerade dance with her father. She was also in the choir in her church, and had way back then already started writing her own lyrics. And in SS2 recorded for the first time – a rap verse with a group called Pact Prince in the group’s collabo-single as the group’s queen being the only female amongst three guys.
She reveals that she has done a couple of recordings afterwards having gained admission into the university with other artistes wherein she sings a chorus or lends her voice for adlibs in the studio and on an occasion for a jingle. She, however, took a long pause, working through school to save up for her album recording.
On her style of music, King Lia says she loves good music as it soothes her troubled soul regardless of genre; little wonder she “flirts” with genres, but particularly seems to be falling in love with fusion.
On why she adopted the name “King Lia” the budding artiste giggles and says, “Lia is a diminutive of my first name, Concilia – a Latin name pronounced Kensiliyah in the English version.” And which is what everyone calls her, but that the “King” was added by Vikthor her classmate in the university who thought it fit her better. The name stuck as she came to accept the name given that it sounded rebellious and daring (talk about simple complexities) which fits her personality somewhat, as she has come to “spice” things up.
The gold-haired beauty on her personal life reveals that she doesn’t intend being unfaithful to her one true love – music. In her very own words, “art is life; music is to live.” King Lia is definitely a name to keep on the lookout as she hints her debut single to drop in a flash.

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