My Problem With Yoruba People. – Temi Badmus @gbetutv

It’s mainly complacency and hypocrisy.
Like I don’t get it, and I don’t think I will ever get it.
As a Yoruba Child, while growing up, I realised the Yoruba culture has taught us to be hardworking but somehow the people moved from being hardworking to a complacent lazy set of people.
A typical example
My forefathers in the olden days wake up so early to go to farm, till the ground and probably walk kilometers of distance with sacks within their reach to ensure there is fresh food for their wife and children, meanwhile, some of them are so business minded that they tap Palm wine after those stressful moment at the farm, what do they do with it someone asked?
Well, they either sell mainly or it’s kept in a cool drum pot at the back of the house for entertaining those visitors, but the very truth is they keep going to that farm land every day, and sure they do other businesses like selling bus meat, fresh produce from the farmstead.
Let compare with our generation, a very complacent set of people both the male and the female, though I will be discussing more on the male because a man can only raise a family he has the Wealth and the wisdom to.
After the generation of my forefathers whom I love and dearly adore,
We became a generation which western education has brought destruction upon= and this is where the true complacency really started
We were trained to go to school all our Youthful lives, believing that all your energy must be placed on going to school, doing businesses while in school is never allowed, finish school with great and excellent pay and end up a salary earner plus a slave who seat for about fourteen hours serving another’s dream, making his money because his dream is bigger and earning a little because we have been wired to like a loser since western education enslaved us instead of giving us freedom.
Sincerely count how many right business Yoruba people are in Nigeria…
Then count the Hausas
Then help me count the Igbos
Please try using Google to search for how many wealthy Yorubas are in the World, please try and exclude those who their fathers stole our money, check those who their fathers started from petty business trading.
A Yoruba Professor only lives on what he earns from being a Professor…
An Hausa Professor has a farm that either produces orange juice or any form of thing a poor Hausa man is willing to work on but in a way better.
An Igbo Professor interestingly will do container business or have an electronic Store or any form of heavy duty plaza.
But the Yorubas are just so complacent and lazy.
Hypocrisy is another job the Yorubas do well, an elderly woman once told me
“The Hausas were very good and innocent people until they started making friends with the Yorubas”
The Igbos “They were very straight forward people until they started making familiarity with the Yorubas”
Yorubas are the only ethnic groups who makes enmity with their own blood, Hausa and Igbos do not do this.
The Yorubas is the only tribe are the only people who do not want their brother to really succeed once they have succeeded in gaining access to wealth, they prefer you coming to beg them daily for a life.
For these two reasons, I do not stand for Yoruba even though I’m one and I’m proud to be one.
Though their rare exception when I stand with all my strength  for a Yoruba person…  But that’s only I see those who are not complacent and hypocritical in their ways.
Until then, being a Yoruba is a tittle I got from my parent, not a tittle I’m entitled to keep
Temi Badmus

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