[Must Read] Should A Woman Make The First Move?

Must Read: Should A Woman Make The First Move

Must Read: Should A Woman Make The First Move

This notion seems to be trending these days. But pls, before anyone goes about saying it’s okay for a woman to make the first move, then perhaps they should also elaborate on what circumstances and the manner in which it should be done. So many girls are being misled already.. And making complete fools of themselves. I witnessed one such event yesterday and I just couldn’t help laughing. This girl must have been feeling like a real 21st century chic when she even contemplated making the move. But with the way things turned out, I can bet on my two Di’ja-like-boobs that she’s so never going to try that again. Heck, that dude was mean!

Back to my topic. I really don’t get why a girl should be encouraged to make the first move. Look at it this way. Wooing a woman is sth that comes very natural to men. It’s what they do. It’s what they’ve always done right from time, what reason then has a guy not to make a move on the girl he likes? So this boy and girl know themselves, perhaps not as friends or anything serious, but each knows about the existence of the other. They are perhaps in the same location.. Work in the same place, live in the same neighborhood, attend the same Uni;So, surely they get to see each other from time to time. Why then should it be the girl making a move since she’s interested in him? Hasn’t he seen her before? If actually he had any interest whatsoever, he’d make the first move. It shouldn’t be an issue at all. Girls are used to being wooed.

But he doesn’t and some girl would think it’s okay for her to make the first move. Trust me, chances are high that he won’t take u seriously if ever u should go into a relationship. He’d simply see the whole thing as him doing u a favour by dating u and perhaps getting an advantage for himself if he succeeds in sleeping with you sad. I can’t even imagine how u’d feel comfortable being in that relationship. He’s most likely always going to be eager to show u the door, because after all, u made the first move on him, when he was just on his own doing his thing. It’s just like reversing roles entirely. And IMO, it shows desperation.

And I also thought guys used to enjoy the chase. They want girls to be the ones chasing them now? Lol.

Pls, giving the green light and not playing too hard to get is enough. A man’s supposed to know what to do when he sees the green light. If he doesn’t, well, that’s sad. It simply implies that there are so many things about women he isn’t sensitive to.

Call me old-fashioned. I like being old-fashioned if this is what being old fashioned is all about.

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