Meet The Nigerian Artiste, ItsDopey, (@dopeycode) Making Waves In The North American Music Scene

There’s a new wave rising in North America.

With summer on the horizon, the release schedule is starting to heat up as artistes look to drop their soundtrack to the season. Several artistes have released singles, EPs and albums but one artiste stands out, his name is ItsDopey

The ability to see an artist develop and flourish, then fulfil their potential is a beautiful thing

ItsDopey has experienced an incredible rise to prominence in a very short space of time in the America music scene, and with his name ringing off in all the right circles.
It’s been a while since we have seen such an organic climb by a new artiste. However, ItsDopey seems to be taking it all in his stride, refusing to go down the chart

Naturally gifted and hardworking, ItsDopey stands out from the pack thanks to a dynamic upper register. Given time for his wordplay and storytelling to take another leap forward, he could very well be the next powerhouse in Africa and the America music scene

With standout tracks like Asanma and Iye (Don’t Know)and My Platoon which has recently caused a surge in popularity on social media and the radiosphere

With the global new direction of mainstream of Afrobeats in America, and the increasing visibility of narratives from across the black diaspora, ItsDopey hope of taking his music to the four corners of the world will soon come to fruition much sooner than expected.

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