Maya Amolo’s Debut EP “Leave Me At The Pregame” is a Must Listen

The promising Kenyan singer finally drops her stirring long-awaited debut project.


Maya Amolo has caught the attention of many with her hypnotic melodies and soulful vocals. Today, July the 3rd, the fast-rising singer debuts an emotionally felt piece of work by the title “Leave Me At The Pregame”. 

Leave me at the Pregame is a 7-track EP in which Maya manages to put all the thoughts and feelings that she was experiencing and compares them to going to a club when things end up going south wishing that you had just stayed at the pre-game. She explains, “You ever get to a party and you’re just like, “damn. I should have stayed my ass at the pregame”. I can’t find my friends, I’m too drunk, someone is fighting, someone is crying, I’m just plagued by all the things that I’ve been putting off and all the thoughts resurface when I’m alone, in a crowd, at the club, away from the warmness and intimacy of the pregame.
Maya takes us on her intimate journey to self-healing where her exquisite penmanship explores the themes of self-sabotage, self-realization, toxicity, love, and depression as she tries to tackle her daily experience. The constant regression to what hurt you despite knowing that you won’t progress is evident in “Puddles” as she says “Go back to playing in puddles, fuck around get too deep.”
The warping emotions that come with living away from your hometown regarding the feelings of safety are felt in “Lush Green” paired with the feelings of depression where she was at a super low point urging herself to trust the process in a track titled “Crashing”.
Using her soft delivery of raspy vocals and hard-hitting baselines the singer delves into the concept of self-realization and growth after escaping the cycles of the bad relationship in “Grwth” to the acceptance of the reality that there is a place and time for everything which she depicts in “Place and Time”.
Maya Amolo is a Kenyan, New York-based R&B/Alternative Singer/Songwriter. Her refreshingly unique sound delves into the complexities of love (of both the self and the other), dissecting its duality as something both beautiful and ugly, healing and hurtful.
She is no new songbird to the scene. Her serene sound dives into the complexities of love talking about the negative aspects and still the positive aspects.Maya started out by collaborating producers on the internet to create “sad-gal” tunes on SoundCloud, including “U Wanna” and “Where Tornados Flew” as well as Lo-Fi voicemail with “North Star (part 1&2)” and “Rainy Daze”
With delicate harmonies and carefully structured melodies Maya quickly amassed a dedicated listenership and garnered the attention of local artists, producers and musicians, among whom
was Kenya’s famed R&B artist Karun, who featured Maya on her, “Favourite 5 Underground Female Kenyans Artists” article for Bonafide Magazine, where she describes Maya as “a free-flowing human being transcending space and time.”
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