Lindsay Lohan & her fiance in a nasty beach fight caught on camera

Last week, Lindsay Lohan claimed that her Russian fiancé Egor Tarabasov tried to strangle her and went on social media to lay cheating claims on him. Then she said everyone should mind their business and stay away from her personal life. Today a new video shows them fighting at a beach.

In a video obtained by Radar Online, Lindsay Lohan who was in the passenger seat of a black jeep, grabbed Egor’s phone and threw it out the window. They both rush out of the jeep to grab the phone, but Lindsay got to the phone before Egor did. He tried to take the phone from Lindsay but she refused to give it up. He then pulled her arms behind her and tried to squeeze the phone from her. He kept saying ‘Give me my phone’ and she said ‘No’.

He retrieved the phone from her and she got into the back of the jeep, he told her to get out of his jeep but she refused and you could see him punching numbers on his phone and making a call…maybe to the police.

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