Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooter Sentenced To 20 Years

November 21, 2015

Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooter Sentenced To 20 Years

Jimmy Winfrey, the man who shot up Lil Wayne’s tour bus last April, has been sentenced.

It looks like the case involving Lil Wayne‘s tour bus shooting has finally come to a conclusion, while the legal drama between Wayne and Birdman (at times, intertwined with this case), continues to lag on. Today the suspect, Jimmy Winfrey, pleaded guilty to 6 of the 27 counts charged in connection to the tour bus shooting.

Winfrey’s lawyer initially claimed that he had no motive for wanting to shoot Wayne– the lawyer brought Young Thug into the argument, as Winfrey is reportedly an affiliate of Thug’s. He compared Thug and Wayne to members of an opposing football team– just because they’re in competition with each other doesn’t mean that one wants to kill the other.

No matter, Winfrey has taken the fall. He was given a 20-year sentence from a judge today– 10 years in prison, and another 10 to be served on probation.

According to a rep for the D.A., the 6 charges he pleaded guilty to are all gang-related charges. The indictment still mentions the fact that, following the shooting, Winfrey used a cell phone that belonged to Birdman– we have no update on that front though.


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