Ladies Beware! Doing These Things Will Kill Your Man’s Interest In A Relationship


Every relationship has its ups and downs but doing the following can force any man to become tired of you and the relationship if the problems linger.

Every lady should know about this to save her relationship. There things ladies do that kill a man’s interest. According to this article shared on News24, these 10 tips and know how not to make your man stray far away from you.
1. You want to control him and his life
Hmmm, how do I say this without looking like I do not understand my own way of thinking? Let’s assume you are past dating and it looks like the two of you might actually be official. He treats you like a girlfriend and he does not hide the fact. Seeing this, you already know you are the woman in his life but for most women a couple of lines do get crossed in your head.
You want to step in and tell him what to do and how to do it as if he has not been handling his life well enough on his own. You want to tell him who he can see and whom you no longer like. You want him to prove his ‘love’ for you by doing what you want with no negotiation. What you will be succeeding in doing is actually pushing him away because he knows he lived well without you and he damn sure knows he can still do better without you. He will now want to get away just so he can get that point across.
2. You have a bad attitude
All women have attitude; it is just a matter of knowing when to show it and to whom you are showing it to. Then there is the bad attitude where a woman thinks that the sole reason for a man’s existence is to serve her and her needs. You want things done your way. You do not understand compromise in relationships. You talk down to him and any of his family members when they might come to visit. You don’t hesitate to point out that any other person can have you if they do not act right. In the end you start to realize that no one actually wants you because of the way you carry yourself.
3. You are too desperate
Desperation normally leads to jealousy and possessiveness especially if you do end up in the relationship. You want to keep checking on someone. You are insistent at the most inopportune times. You have to learn to let things develop-hard for a woman, I know! But at times we need to learn to know how to chill and step back. If a man likes you, he likes you. If he does not, well, as hard as it will be to move on, you will get someone else to focus that attention on.
4. You like playing games and playing hard to get is your favorite
Playing hard to get is a bit overrated in our age. Yes, you have an argument but let me explain what I think.
Our age has become sort of a thing where everybody knows all those tricks and what you are trying to do.  So you go in and you are thinking of playing games with someone, so they click, ‘You want to play games, I am going to play along with you as well and when we are done, we can all keep it moving.’
Then you wonder why no one sticks around. Mature people say what they want and keep to it. They do not play around with people’s feelings.

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