Ladies! 6 Simple Ways To Impress A Nigerian Man


To impress a man and make him go mad and crazy for you can be as easy as counting the first three letters of the alphabet, if you read these 6 simple tips.


Many women just don’t know how to win their man’s heart. Some just don’t know, others don’t just want to learn. But, you can get over it with these 6 simple tips.
1. Know how to season food
So much can go so wrong with salt and pepper, especially salt. You can either over do it or under do it. The rule is put less first, and then add more later. But if it is a roast or rice, put less always, don’t add that extra spoon you feel is still needed.
2. If I see a dirty kitchen, I do not want to eat from it
Except in high school where we knew what was going on or in hotels that have staff only allowed signs, no one wants to eat from a dirty kitchen and if they are dating you, they are hoping that you are not that unhygienic. No one wants to see you wash plates as you serve food on it for them; they now think they are eating some soap.
3. Dirty utensils around you are a no
Never start cooking if you have dirty utensils already in the sink; clear that first. While you are cooking, either create a neat pile on the side or wash and clear as you cook. Clutter always looks unhygienic and shows how confused you are.
4. Never try a new recipe if you have never tested it yourself
Have you ever seen a good cook look like a bad cook and have to come up with an explanation but that first time was all the impression people have? They now think that any good food you put out you either bough or had someone cook for you-that is if they stick around for that long. Have new recipes, by all means but that is after you have tested them out on yourself and gotten them just right.
5. Don’t overdo it
Cooking something you read somewhere with ingredients you are not sure of will have you making faces at each other while eating. If you have to, try it first on yourself.
6. Shop early and on time
If you are cooking for your date, do the shopping earlier on and just get the bare minimum on the date day. It can be awkward having them walk around with you or you having to rush out and make last minute decisions because you could not get something and they are already here.

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