Ladies! 5 Major Things You Should Never Do to Please a Man.

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There are certain things you should never do for a man in order to make him happy, these are some of them.

Many ladies in the society have been brainwashed into believing it is entirely up to them to keep a man at home and make a relationship work. This is the mentality that is being passed on to the young ladies who have attained the age of marriage.

Words like love, faith, patience, resilience, commitment, dedication and prayer are terms you have to deal with as couples. Women are not born with these qualities or virtues; the strong and reputable women you see in the environment had to work on themselves. A woman who has all these qualities is considered to be refined.

For a woman to be able to possess these qualities, that means it is possible to find men with outstanding qualities too. So why do women weigh themselves down with the burden of making relationships and marriages work if the holy matrimony is perceived to be a hypocritical religious devotion by the men?

This primitive school of thought has subjected lots of women to slavery in their relationships; they have forced themselves to endure scorn and hardships while some put up with cheating men who cannot pay their own bills.

Find below some of the things you should never do to please a man:

1. Never agree to sleep with another man to get him a job or contract

Some women claim to be so much in love with their men to the point that they would do anything for them. You should never allow a man to coerce you into doing things that are beneath your standard.

If you are willing to sleep with your boss to get him a job or a contract, then you are putting yourself on the spot as you have given him a reason big enough for you to break up.

Apart from him not trusting you, you could suffer a big depression as you have compromised your standard and this may dwindle your self-esteem.

2. Do not agree to threesome even if he suggests it

Men have crazy s*xual fantasies; you should never give in to anything that would make you get ridiculed at the long run. the only reason why this may not matter to you is if you are in for the fun of it.

But even at that, your integrity is at stake. Do not agree to let him sleep with your friend while you are there and do not succumb to sleeping with him and his friend too.

Your emotion would be on the line and things would get messy at the long run. Think about this; will a man who wants to marry you be willing to share you with his friend?

3. Do not give him the history of your life

Now, no one is asking you to be secretive in your relationship. It is important for you to open up to your partner and discuss issues that would push your relationship ahead.

While doing this, you should know that your partner doles not need every detail of your life. Some ladies make this silly mistake of baring everything as soon as they fall in love. Not every man deserves to know your history as those things could be used against you.

4. Avoid sending nude pictures of yourself

Ladies in Nigeria please wake up. It is not okay for you to send naked pictures of yourself to any man simply because you are trying to bridge the gap between you both. A man that would cheat would always cheat no matter what.

Even when you trust your partner and know that your nud3 pictures are safe with him, have you thought about what could happen if his phone got stolen?

The pictures could get into the wrong hands and you could become one of those girls whose nud3 pictures are displayed in social media.

5. Never give up on your dreams

There are so many talented and intelligent women in the society; these women have loads of potentials stored in them. However, they have recoiled into their shells because they want to please their partners.

They would give up on their dreams and embrace that of their partners. It would be difficult living a fulfilled life if you always subject yourself to the opinions of others.

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