Iyanya Sacks Ubi Franklin, Employs New Manager – Details


Music star Iyanya has relieved his long term right hand man Ubi Franklinfrom his management duties as part of the shake off he is undergoing to set up his new label.

Iyanya announced on Wednesday that he has signed up with a management company called Temple Management Company. He added that Ubi Franklinremains his brother and they both look forward to new path in their career.Iyanya and Ubi are rumored to be in a rift although they refuse to confirm that.

See his full statement below

Dear fans, I am pleased to announce that I have now signed on with Temple Management Company. About a year ago, Ubi and I discussed options to diversify our business interests and creative visions and we both agreed that we would explore all avenues open to us. So much has happened since and I have now completed work on my new album which will be released under a new record label. With both @thetemplecompany and the new album, I am now embarking in a direction which will not only bring you the same quality, verve and energy that you have become accustomed to, it will take things to the next level. Ubi remains my brother and we both look forward to this new phase of our careers. God bless you all.

Ubi Franklin congratulates Iyanya on his new move

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