How Health has Improved with CBD Oil

Nowadays, marijuana is everywhere. You can see it on social media, in the news, on the internet, and in magazines. However, when someone is using the term ‘CBD,’ you may not be aware they’re talking about cannabis. Some people haven’t heard of CBD, while most get confused when marijuana is associated with CBD.

CBD is produced in the hemp plant. It is mainly made from the Sativa strain and is extracted from cannabis flowers and buds. People have a general assumption that all forms of cannabis make you ‘high’; however, THC is what gives you the high feeling. CBD doesn’t give you a euphoric feeling because it is a non-psychoactive drug.

It works by interacting with your endocannabinoid system. The ECS works by maintaining your body’s internal environment. It also helps your body adapt to external stressors and the changes under control. Though scientists have only begun to discover what CBD can do for the body, here are some of the ways CBD oil is used to improve health:

To Deter Epileptic Seizures

This is the most well-known use of CBD oil. There have been national news stories surrounding the effectiveness of CBD in treating treatment-resistant epilepsy. A survey of parents with epileptic kids was done, and 84% of the children who were taking CBD consistently experienced fewer seizures.

40% of the kids with treatment-resistant epilepsy had 50% fewer seizures after three months on CBD oil. They also experienced better mood, improved sleep, and more alertness.

To Help Alleviate Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits that can help provide pain relief to those who have rheumatoid arthritis. In an animal study, consistent use of CBD helped alleviate pain and decrease the progression of joint damage.

To Promote Heart Health

Recent studies suggest that CBD oil can help with a range of things related to heart health. For instance, during times of stress and anxiety, CBD helps reduce both the blood pressure and heart rate, it reduces damage caused by clogged blood vessels, dilated arteries, and protects blood vessels.

While more research is required to show how CBD prevents the development of heart and blood vessel disorders, some studies have shown that CBD oil can be used to influence the aggregation of platelets and white blood cell function.

To Treat Substance Abuse

A 2013 study on rats found that CBD could block the addictive effects of opioids, morphine, and other highly addictive painkillers. This has resulted in several states implementing medical marijuana programs to help fight the current opioid crisis.

These programs have successfully reported the use of 64% fewer opioid painkillers and a 25% drop in opioid overdose-related deaths than those whom medical marijuana hasn’t been availed to.

To Relieve Depression

CBD oil can be added to the list of antidepressants out there that can successfully relieve depression. Studies show that CBD works quickly as well as overtime, and it is a better comparable alternative to common antidepressants because it doesn’t cause dependence. It is a natural antidepressant.

To Improve Skin Health

CBD oil can be beneficial to those looking to increase their skin health or treat acne. The anti-inflammatory effects in CBD help cease the production of sebocytes and sebum and exert antiproliferative effects to reduce inflammation and encourage healthy skin.

As a Natural Painkiller

Most people are seeking CBD oil for pain relief. According to studies, CBD acts as a neuromodulator for neurons responsible for pain sensations. CBD works by stimulating the same areas as opioids to act as a natural pain reliever.

As a Neuroprotective Agent

Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and gastric ulcers, among other disorders, occur due to oxidative stress or neurodegeneration. CBD has antioxidant effects that help prevent oxidative stress, acting as a natural neuroprotective agent.

To Relieve Nausea

CBD, when taken in low doses, can effectively decrease or relieve nausea that patients, especially cancer patients, experience after taking toxic drugs.

As a Treatment for Diabetes

CBD helps delay the destruction of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, inhibiting the production of inflammatory cytokines. A study found that women and men with diabetes who used marijuana and other cannabis-derived products consistently had 16% lower fasting insulin levels. The research suggests that CBD oil can be used to treat Type 1 diabetes.

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