Hilarious! These Are 5 Things Only Nigerians Can Do Very Well – And You’re One Of Them


Nigerians are known for a variety of things but the following 5 things are what they are very good at.

Nigerians understand these 5 funny things listed below very well.
1. Flashing: 
Nigerians love to flash. This refers to the act of dialing someone’s number with the intention to cut it off before the person picks or as soon as the person picks. A lot argue that Nigerian women do this more, what do you think, who do it more???
2. Answering Rhetorical Questions: 
A lot of Nigerians are guilty of this. You would most likely find this with Nigerian parents. Like “mom where should I drop this, you would hear: drop it on my head”. Or someone sees you arrive from school but the person still goes on to ask ‘Have you returned from school?’
3. Nigerian time: 
Nigerians enjoy being the last to show up anywhere, even at their own wedding. When you want an event to start by 4pm, you would have to put 12pm so they would arrive by 4pm.
4. Pointing with their mouth or lips: 
Instead of describing in words or point with their fingers, a Nigerian would do it with her lips.
5. No chill: 
Ever been at the market and you really want to buy something then can’t find it but steps into one of the shops and asks where you could get it, but the seller tells you no one sells it in that market because they do not have the item? Or someone instead of telling you simply that they do not know the direction you asked for goes on to tell you a wrong one so you don’t see them as new comers too?

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