Football star quits Belgium with family after Brussels terror attack, says ‘it made him fear for his life’

Top football star Matias Suarez who plays for Belgium’s biggest club Anderlecht has decided to call it quits with football in Belgium after yesterday’s terrorists attack at one of the country’s airports.

Suarez, from Argentina, whose club is based in Brussels, says he has informed his agent and is determined to leave the club and country as soon as possible saying he fears for the safety of his family.
The Argentine forward has revealed that Belgium is a different place since the attacks on Paris in November.

“It’s nothing to do with the country, which is incredible,” he said. “I love Belgium and the people here. But I’ve talked to my agent and my wife already and for the safety of the family we’ve decided to leave in June. After everything that happened in Paris, people have changed completely here. In the streets and shopping centres you don’t see many people. People basically don’t leave their homes because of this fear. In Brussels we have a neighbourhood where lots of jihadists live and lots of people who are involved in these awful things and, unfortunately, talking to my wife and my friends we knew something like this was going to happen. I wasn’t at home, I was on the way to training in the morning and listening to the radio when I found out. I was very scared. I tried ringing to find out if my daughter was okay and if I had to go and get her. It’s scary, more than anything for the family. That is why we will leave.”

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