First male contraceptive injection shown to be effective at blocking sperm

According to a scientific research, a lot of women all over the world have dreamed and hoped for some type of male contraception apart from condoms and vasectomy. The burden of taking contraceptive pills or having devices implanted has been what a lot of women have been doing to avoid unwanted/unplanned pregnancies.

Now, scientists have revealed that the first male contraceptive injection could soon be available.
The shot, called Vasalgel, is non-hormonal and long-acting , potentially reversible and has been shown to block sperm for up to 1 year.
According to the non-profit Parsemus Foundation, of Berkeley, California, clinical testing of the shot will begin some time this year.
According to the research done, a lot of men said they were willing to try a new form of contraception that is reversible unlike vasectomy.
But in a new study, Parsemeus confirmed that Vasalgel has the potential to fill the gap in the male contraception market.

The shot consists of styrene-alt-maleic acid (SMA) that is dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide will be the first to reach the market, researchers noted.

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