Eight Things That Will Go Extinct In The Next Decade

October 9, 2018

As we get new technology everyday, a number of household items are expected to go extinct in the next decade simply because the latter have no use in the modern world.

Cable TV
As it stands, more and more people are replacing their cable TV with streaming services and your favourite cable TV may all but go extinct in the next ten years.

Credit cards
With smartphone companies devoting more and more resources toward secure mobile payments, it is expected that physical credit and debit cards will fall by the wayside. In the future, you’ll be scanning your smartphone instead.

Digital cameras
Unless you’re a professional photographer, you most likely won’t be shelling out hundreds of thousands of Naira anytime soon to purchase a digital camera. You may want to consider using that money to upgrade your phone.

Modern smartphone cameras are easy to use and work just as well as top-of-the-line digital ones, if not better.

Phone Booths
In the ’90s, phone booths could be found at just about everywhere in the world but with the advent of the cellular phone, they became less and less necessary.

In major cities around the world, kiosks offering phone calls, free Wi-Fi, Internet service, and a port to charge your cell phone are replacing the phone booths and they may all but go extinct by the next decade.

This technology brought a lot of joy in the early 2000s, especially when you are going for a run with your iPod. Unfortunately, Apple’s line of iPods has dwindled as people turn to their smartphones instead. Just this year, the company discontinued the iPod shuffle and iPod nano, making the iPod touch the last of the trio to remain on shelves.

If you’ve got a collection of remotes, don’t expect to have to keep it much longer. In the coming years, experts expect voice-controlled appliances and smartphone apps to phase out remote controls.

Cords and chargers
A lot of us have so many cords that we hardly know which goes with what anymore. Fortunately, in the next next decade or so, most electronics will be streamlined. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and charging pads will lead the way toward a wireless future.

Can’t find your cheque book? It’s OK. The future promises to be check-free. Online payments and transferring funds directly from your bank account is expected to take the place of the cheque book.

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