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Join Africa’s fastest growing online video blogging community and get rewarded for your time online.

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Perviewpay.com is an online video blogging community that shares it’s revenue with it’s users by rewarding them anytime they watch sponsored ads from advertisers on their perviewpays.com user account.

We blog entertainment, news, politics and sports videos and reward our users every time they watch a sponsored video ad.

Earn extra when you invite a friend to join in as well as other bonuses for other activities.

You can also advertise your music, product, website, brand, idea etc for as low as N1000 !!!

Simply visit perviewpays.com to begin, click on signup or click on perviewpays.com/p/register.php to create your perviewpays.com account today.

Perviewpays.com is a registered community under the corporate affairs commission (RC 1526509) with perviewpay.com limited.

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