Dramatic Road Rage Incident Ends in Driver Knocking Down Passerby [Video]

July 31, 2019

Dramatic roadrage incident ends in driver knocking down passerby (video)

A dramatic road rage incident was caught on camera and has now led to a police probe.

In a video going viral online, the driver of a car can be seen driving his car at a women, intent on hitting her. He ended up hitting a passerby and when the passerby confronted him, he drove at him again and cleared him off the road.


The incident reportedly occurred on Saturday night, July 28, but the video began circulating on Sunday. In the video, a woman is seen using her shoe to repeatedly hit the front windscreen of a black car, as two men get in. When they got in, they drove off with speed, knocking the woman and another man to the ground outside the Chronicle’s former offices, on the Groat Market in Newcastle, England.


The innocent passerby, who was knocked down ran after the driver to express his displeasure but the vehicle is seen stopping, reversing, and then driving straight at the man. The man ran to the other side of the road but the vehicle chased him and knocked him to the floor.


Police are today probing the incident after the video went viral.


Northumbria Police has confirmed the incident was reported at around 9pm last night. No one has been arrested.


A spokeswoman for the force said: “We are aware of the incident and it is being investigated.”

Watch the dramatic video below…

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