Dosh Empire ft. DJ Hbolt X Array X Wilbonex – STAY UP (MALOSUN)



STAY UP (MALOSUN) is a song for every hustler bustling hard to get the greens, for every kid with dreams, for every soul yearning for a sense of arrival.
Dosh Empire teams up with  Dj HBOLT bursting out a dope rap verse( Yep, A Dj that actually Raps), the super-versatile ARRAY on the chorus and widely talented rapper WILBONEX delivering a sweet sounding rap verse.
Ji Masun is a common phrase on the streets and it simply means keep going, keep hustling, keep believing in your dreams and keep believing the money will come.
Owo inu ala ko se na o (you no fit spend d money wey u see for ur dream o) so stay up.
Enjoy, Jam and Share this masterpiece…

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