“Do it For Love” By Michael O. drops on the 16th of November

Michael O. is proof the World’s melting pot is a success when we all act as people joined by love of our country, our unique heritages and for one another. Through the power of the universal language, music, Michael sings of love on, “Do It For Love.” With a song form that is straight ahead, Michael O. sings the melody with an infectious accent. The production is top-shelf and offers varied sounds that float in and out to strengthen the track and keep interest. Michael O. makes good use of vocal harmonies too, as they punctuate phrases and fill out the song. With a mix of electronic and hip hop, Michael O. combines them with Reggae in a way that is enjoyable and musical. Combined with his nimble voice, “Do It For Love,” is a fitting tribute. The song will be release Friday 16th November 2018 . Stream on Spotify below


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