Dj AbleGod Biography

Born July 1998 in Lagos, Dj Able God a.k.a Da Waist Breaker hails from Imo state, He his a Dj, Video Director, Editor, Artiste, Song Writer And Has Released Hit Song Like Slay Mama, Able God, Everybody And More. He is one of Surulere finest artist/Dj and He is known for his strong voice. Dj Able God style of Music And Mixing is one of a kind, from Afro pop, rnb to dancehall makes him a leader of the new skool generation. Dj Able God studied with Able Geezy Nation in the informal studio class established in the older artist’s atelier in the late 20s. There, he absorbed the acute attention to form his own style of music, subsequently refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through his focus.

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